Put A Little Love In Your Heart


For American Heart Month, OBGYN Associates invites you to “put a little love in your heart” this February. Not only a man’s killer, heart disease is now the number one cause of death for women in America. How can we face such an enormous problem? How can we ensure that we’re caring for our hearts? How can we help make our friends and family aware of the problem of heart health? It is estimated that nearly 80% of heart disease and stroke in women is preventable. That’s a sobering number, considering how small steps can promote heart health and lessen our chance (and reverse the effects) of heart disease. This month, pledge to make small changes to love your heart:

  • Walk on your lunch break;

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables;

  • Reduce your stress (i.e.: when you leave work, leave work–go home and live your life!);

  • Drink plenty of water;

  • Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night;

  • Quit smoking.

Isn’t it amazing that the simple choices that make our lives more healthy overall are the same choices that would strengthen our hearts? If you’re committing to do at least one of these things in February, stop in the office and sign one of our heart cards, which we are proudly displaying to remind our patients to care for their hearts. We also have a small box for donations to benefit the American Heart Association, which will be available through the end of the month. When you make a donation through our office, we’ll send you away with a GO RED pin to help spread the word about Heart Month!

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