Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin especially in parts of the world where there is less sunlight for at least part of the year. Lack of vitamin D can cause a variety of health concerns.

According to the United States Institute of Medicine people between the ages of 1-70 and pregnant/breastfeeding women should have 600 IU/day, and those over the age of 71 should have 800 IU/day.

Health effects from not having enough vitamin D in ones diet include cardiovascular disease, mental health problems, cancer, multiple sclerosis, improper immune function, decreases in bone health, rickets or mortality.

Sources of Vitamin D include: Mushrooms, Alfalfa, Fish Oils, Catfish, Tuna and other fatty fishes, Whole Eggs, and Beef Liver. Please consult with your physician as to the amount of International Unit’s of Vitamin D that is right for your health.

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